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Marx-horse-repainted-by-Nohuanda-Equine-Art-grey Marx-horse-repainted-by-Nohuanda-Equine-Art

Wandering around the internet one day I found a blast from my past. Online I saw pictures of a toy horse from my childhood, a Marx Thunderbolt, which I had spent many, many happy hours playing with and making things for. But these versions of that toy horse had been carefully repainted, looked almost alive and were displayed with some amazing accessories. This is where it all started…

Five years on and I am beginning to make these small scale saddles myself, just because I enjoy it. I’m new at this and constantly learning but that makes me happy! It’s also very relaxing to create such intricate things. There are lots of artists out there doing amazing pieces. Not many of us are working in one sixth scale, and there are not so many horses for us to work with. But those horses that are available to showcase our work are some of the loveliest!

My first few posts show how I got started over the last few years but I’ll catch up  quickly to what’s happening right now. They’ll be covering how I take techniques from my other job (designer), along with old and new technologies and use them to help make these art pieces you can actually interact with… carefully!