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My Mum’s Singer sewing machine

When I received a Mexican Camaron saddle from Nohuando last year I was astounded at the stitching and embroidery all over it. Here was something to aspire to. But it was impossible (for me) to recreate by hand, even though I tried. Step forward my Mum’s Singer sewing machine 401 SLANT-O-MATIC, bought brand new in the fifties and in full working order to this day. A very sought after item. Leather needles bought and attached, it performed exceptionally well, even at tiny stitch lengths. You have to go very carefully, one wrong stitch and the leather is marked and… you have to start again. The only way to perfect those stitches is constant practice on scrap  pieces of leather, take your time and don’t sweat it if it goes wrong, life’s too short!

Thanks Mum!