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I’m obviously no good at blogging!

It’s been a while!

A lot of folks, including me, now use Facebook to update on work in progress or finished work. So head over to my Facebook page for updates @onesixthsaddles


And I’ll just leave this here for info… 😁

Saddle sizes

I create saddles for a specific one sixth scale size at the moment. But there are several styles of horses in this category, with more being made. Here are a few useful dimensions for my saddles. I can create the fastenings to fit specific sizes on request, or leave the girth straps without punched holes so you can fit them yourselves. For the experienced hobbyist, my saddles can also be deconstructed careful by removing the conchos and saddle strings to make adjustments to the stirrups under the saddle, then reattaching the conchos.

western-roper-saddle-pattern-sizes western-roper-saddle-pattern-sizes-02


The herd

I have a herd now! Along with my original Marx horses from when I was little, I have been lucky enough to commission three ‘Oldman’ horses from Nohuanda Equine Art and an unpainted resin which I use to fit my saddles (but hope to paint one day). So Wolfy, The Grey and Cricket are used on my site to showcase the saddles I make and sell, along with tack accessories.