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Here’s some people I like!

Links to people and places I have found on my web travels

Nohuanda Equine Art – these 1/6 scale horses are, in my opinion, the best you can buy. The quality is exceptional and they are so lifelike. A perfect compliment to any saddle.

Ben’s Custom Tack – Barbara creates lovely historic western saddles with exceptional detail.

Rio Rondo – the ultimate place for scale items to make your own stuff!

Leodis Leather – Ian Atkinson’s videos are the best, he produces some amazing leather pieces.

Stevo’s Toys – amazing western accessories to complete your custom kit bashes.

C3 Imaging – leather cutting as a speciality service.

Tandy Leather – new shop open in Manchester, UK

Cesar Dubon – specialising in McClellan cavalry saddles which are highly researched and superbly detailed.

onesixthwarriors.com – all the latest on 1/6 scale everything. Be warned, they’re a lively bunch!

Becoming a maker

I wanted Wolfy to have a halter, one sixth scale, tan… couldn’t find one! Tried the web, Ebay and stumbled again, onto the Rio Rondo website. I think this is where the bug started to really bite, all those tiny things for making tiny tack. So many sparkly things and how to’s, it was a no brainer and my first order was duly raised. Sadly a lot of their pieces are too tiny, one ninth scale or one twelfth scale, made to fit the Breyer horses which is a huge market out there. But lots of it works and Gary makes some stuff for us one sixth peeps as well! Thanks Gary!


Becoming a collector

After that first lucky stumble across the internet I searched a bit further and found the artist who had taken a child’s toy and made it so stunning, Nohuanda Equine Art and almost instantly commissioned my first ‘Oldman’ resin figure, Wolfy. It took a while but when he arrived… what a beauty!


Then he had to have a saddle, of course. Further searching found the very same person who made the amazing tack I had seen in those first photos, the lovely Barbara Perry at Bens Custom Tack. After a quick email exchange I ordered my first saddle package, The Trail Rider, with everything included, especially to suit Wolfy’s distinctive colouring… I wasn’t disappointed!